Game history

Quite frequently the card games’ origin history can hardly be traced. The situation with Blackjack looks familiar. The exact origin of this game is not known, but still it is widely approved that its origins are from France, being a variety of such games as “French Ferme” and “chemin de fer”. Blackjack appeared in the 17th century under a different name “vingt-et-un” – 21. Another game which often appears in the sources is an Italian game “seven and a half”, the main difference of which is the value of some cards.

In the next century this game will appear in the United States, picking the public opinion and arousing a big interest among the players. When Blackjack got across the ocean it got popular very quickly. Land casinos used to offer special promotions and premiums with the aim to attract players to the game, but probably nobody could even expect that such a huge amount of players will regularly play the “21”. But the real boom of this game started in the USA in the post-war times (more specifically the 70 and 80-ies).

During those times first professional players appeared and used the so called cards counting technique. This undoubtedly complicated strategy brought them huge profits at the time. From the other hand regular winnings attracted new players who dreamt of getting rich soon. And this is how such a mechanism is driven into action. Timely Blackjack belongs to the number of the most popular card games in internet casinos. Partly it is connected with the fact that Blackjack can be played in an option with live dealer casino with a real croupier.